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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Things we could appreciate a little more in the US...

Washing machines
Drying machines (even more so than washers, especially in the wet season)
Plastic baggies
Hot showers that don't electrocute you
Space heaters
(central heating and air are quite unimaginable)
Not needing to eat "scrap" pieces of meat- this includes back bones, chicken feet, neck, liver, heart, intestines, shoulder joints, hoofs, and whole heads.
Having enough pieces of silverware in the cafeteria
Dansko shoes
Thick carpeting
Dependable internet
Kleenex in doctors offices
Canned pasta sauce
Good mustard
Ethnic variety in food
Buses with a schedule and route
Cars with intact suspension systems
Drivers that use turn signals
Down comforters
Movie theaters
Store and restaurant info available online
Comfortable couches
Customer service
Availability of health care (I know we've got problems, but at least you don't have to walk hours to the nearest clinic only to have to drive hours into town, worry about whether the ER will be open or not, have to wonder if the doctors drunk or even around, or be told that life saving option is only available in one city in the whole country.)

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