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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Death Street

Each day we put our lives at risk walking to Spanish class. Imagine the streets of Venice, except with Incan stones and car traffic. Each day is a test agility and flexibility as we avoid incoming pedestrians on the one side of the street with a sidewalk too narrow for two people to walk side by side, while stepping off the curb to play a game of chicken with the oncoming cars. This is not the only street like this. In fact, we have identified death street 1-4. It is quite amazing that these streets haven’t changed in the last 400 years. But now instead of human and horse traffic, there are cars as well.  

One day, walking back home with our backs to oncoming cars, both Kate and I, while entirely on the sidewalk, managed to get sideswiped by the side view mirror of a passing car. It didn’t even slow down. We were fine. It was just a little incredulous. Another time, a lady stepped off the curb just as a car passed by. She was lucky to just get side swiped by the mirror. Everything is an adventure here.

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