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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Soccer at 11,000 feet

Here is a little life skill that I never picked up and do I ever regret it now. It wouldn’t even be so bad if I could at least keep up with everyone else. It might be the altitude or the fact that I’m grossly out of shape and haven’t been able to run much because of my bum knee, but I suck. At least I have people to play with. I started playing a weekly game with Spanish teachers from a few schools. The first week I played 3 v 3 on a court about the size of an NBA court. I was out of breath in about 15 minutes and about 30 minutes, I was pretty much squatting down every couple of minutes. I had about 5 opportunities to score and blew them all.

I just came back from my second today. I played ok for the first 20 minutes on a smaller court. The turning point, though, was when jostling for a ball, I accidentally launched it about 30 feet out of bounds. This is the best part, turns out it landed inside a police station. Furthermore, it landed in a  kennel! I had the unfortunate duty to ask the policeman to help me find the soccer ball. Kennels are scary. Good thing the doggies were behind bars, but remind me never to piss off a police dog. Apparently the police thought it was so funny that a gringo lost the soccer ball. Apparently the dogs like the flavor of foreigners. Thanks. Asshole. I blew a couple of good opportunities to score and pretty much was relegated to goalie by the end. Suck suck suck. Oh well, I’ll keep at it, and hopefully I’ll hold my own. At least I am having fun sucking. Maybe Kate also enjoys her evening without my harassment.   

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